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English as a Second Language
Meeting the Needs of International Students

Nancy Campbell Collegiate Institute offers students a global experience and to this end, we welcome the very best international students from around the world. The connections made between students from very different backgrounds enrich all endeavours at the school. To ensure our international students achieve their potential, we offer three tailored programs – university transfer, second language training and short-term immersion.

University Transfer

Nancy Campbell Collegiate Institute’s University Transfer Program combines our exceptional academic program with a unique approach to language learning. Those international students entering Grade 11 or 12 are invited to enter this fast-paced and demanding program, which allows them to raise their English level for university acceptance. Students complete the full set of Grade 12 courses needed for application to any Canadian college/university. Students can also take up to eight Advanced Placement® subjects, qualifying them to begin second year university courses upon acceptance to the majority of universities in North America and Europe. This program capitalizes on the energy of youth over 16 years of age who are highly motivated to enter university, and offers them the ability to establish themselves as leading candidates for higher education almost anywhere in the world.

Second Language Training

Nancy Campbell Collegiate Institute gives students the opportunity to embrace English. Our English as a Second Language (ESL) program’s main objective is to help young people become confident in their new language and happy in a North American setting. This comprehensive academic program is designed for students entering Grade 1 through to Grade 10 who need to raise their English levels before completing their studies at a Canadian school.

We offer an unforgettable learning experience in which students complete the ESL program while taking classes similar to their English-speaking peers. Participants improve their language skills and participate in physical education, art, drama and dance courses. During the first year, we ensure that our international students meet the high standards we have for all of our students. They do so while developing the skills and confidence they need to excel in the regular academic program. NCCI’s goal is to put students on the path to higher learning as quickly as possible.

Short-term English Immersion

A comfortable, safe and friendly learning environment

Our Short-term Immersion program is for students from around the world who want to live and study with Canadian youth in a warm and welcoming school community. Choosing to send your child to an accredited and established school is a great way to ensure that their time in Canada will be beneficial and unforgettable. The programs are for groups or individuals, for a few weeks or months at a time, and are specifically tailored to their needs. Programs include Residence or Homestay options, and full-time or part-time programming.

We offer complete immersion into the Nancy Campbell program or a partial inclusion that is combined with language training. We also offer students a wide variety of school activities and fun educational trips to spectacular Canadian sights and attractions. Participants experience Canada and what it means to be a world citizen by attending these dynamic programs.

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